Administration is a breeze

Sail through setup and have your team talking within a matter of minutes. Managing your team is quick and painless with Bria Teams cloud-hosted admin tools.

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Everything you need to work smarter, not harder

Easily view your subscription status, active team members and recent events from one convenient dashboard.  Plus, get started quickly with support tools and downloads.   


Invite Your Team

Easily invite users with their email address and get notified when they join. Users enter their own passwords and are provided access to Bria Teams download links.


Worry Not Downloads

Team members can easily download Bria Teams apps for free on the User Dashboard, iTunes or Google Play Store. All they need to start talking is their email address and the password they create.


Automatic Updates

As long as your subscription is up to date, you and your team members are notified in-app receive updates as soon as they are available.


Manage Subscriptions

Add and remove users easily and only pay for the seats you need. Bria Teams makes it easy to scale your solution as your business or team grows.


Add PBX or VoIP Services

Add and configure up to 5 additional voice and video accounts using your existing PBX/SIP server or VoIP service provider and have them instantly available to all team members.


Get help when you need it

Having trouble getting started? Access online FAQ and help docs 24/7 or chat with our support specialists.

Easy to set up, manage and deploy

Scale and manage your team

Invite, suspend, and remove team members with a click. Team management has never been this easy.

Event Alerts For Critical Items

Flag key events in your Recent Events feed to keep track of critical items at a glance.


Interoperable with essentially any call server or VoIP service

Integrate with any VoIP call provider

Bria Teams is built on SIP and open standards, making it interoperable with any PBX, call server or VoIP service provider. Supports up to 5 accounts.

One number to remember

Give team members the mobility and flexibility to use a single business number across all their devices in order to be reachable from anywhere. 

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