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3 Impactful Ways to Use Video Conferencing for Your Business Communications

Video conferencing has come of ageCommercially available since 1982, video conferencing has come of age and is used across a spectrum of industries. It offers significant benefits - not only does it enhance internal and external communications for enterprises, but it also increases efficiencies and productivity. With recent developments in mobile devices and wireless networks, video conferencing technology moved on from its restricted room-based use to a more advanced hand-held availability. It made video information accessible anytime, from anywhere.

Traditionally perceived, the most measurable benefit of video conferencing was reduced travel costs. However today, every organizational department, from Finance to HR, Engineering to Sales and Marketing uses video conferencing to meet their specific requirements. A variety of management meetings – town hall, board, investor relations are conducted using video conferencing tools. As new and distinctive ways to use video communications evolved, the more qualitative benefits of video conferencing became recognized.

Listed below are 3 unique benefits that can help you understand how using a video can help you drive more efficiency at work:

1. Connect with your off-shore team members via an office-to-office video portal

Connect with your off-shore coworkersEnvision this. You are working on a new project which requires you to connect with your other team members, brainstorm daily and conduct live discussions. The only problem – your colleagues are thousands of miles away spread across continents. How will you make this project happen?

All you have to do is click on a link and simply join meetings directly in your web browser! By using a video conferencing tool, you can connect remote team members and satellite offices. Have daily meetings and engage in discussions with different teams, share your screen with your colleagues and even use a whiteboard to work out solutions to solve potential issues.

So the next time you want to conduct those impromptu brainstorms with co-workers at satellite offices, make it faster and easier with Bria Teams Pro.  Conduct limitless video meetings without remembering complex pin codes and passwords. Designed for the whole organization, it enables you to manage meetings directly from your laptop, phone or tablet. Create an always-on office portal with its varied video conferencing capabilities from screen-share to messaging and streamline your team communications. 

2. Comb through global talent pools with video interviewing

Get access to global talent poolsVideos are a powerful way to have one-to-one meetings. It renders business communication much more vivid, interactive and intuitive. As a recruitment tool, it helps you to expand reach as you can search and select candidates across geographically-diverse talent pools without using up your travel budget.

You can simply keep a view the body language of the candidates, their facial expressions and gestures which can help you in better screening and selection of your future employees. Not only does video conferencing help you in finding great hires, but it also eliminates the unqualified ones making the hiring process more effective and efficient.

3. Deliver dynamic presentations (and achieve your sales goal faster)

Make dynamic sales presentationsYour sales team knows this better: face-to-face meetings always helps close deals more quickly and frequently. Using video conferencing for presentations enables your sales team to face prospects one-to-one, share screens and deliver impactful demonstrations. It reduces travel stress and your sales team can be in more places quickly and close business deals faster.

If you are selling a product or discussing a breakthrough idea, conducting training or delivering some other type of persuasive content, video presentation allows for a more emotional connection with your audience. You can also share it with them with a click or use messaging to clarify certain slides if needed.

And you don’t always need to be tethered to your desk in case you want to conduct virtual meetings. You can hold meetings with several participants from multiple locations communicating seamlessly on the go and in real time. With such tangible benefits, video conferencing software is one of the most sought-after tools when it comes to business infrastructure. It simplifies the way we work and empowers our mobility in the most cost-effective way possible.

Thinking about setting up a video conferencing tool for your teams? Bria Teams Pro, a new addition to the Bria Teams family, adds a dedicated high-definition (HD) virtual meeting room for each user to allow voice and video conferencing for multiple participants. Bria Teams also comes with the latest ‘Chat Rooms’ feature for all Bria Teams users, both Standard and Pro, enabling them to better streamline team conversations and track chat history across devices. Extra features include screen sharing capabilities for up to 200 participants in a secure virtual room, convenient meeting recording, web-meetings for participants outside of your “team” via web browser and much more!

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Written by Team CounterPath on April 2, 2019

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