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3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Team Chat

Team chats are a part of work cultureOver the past few years, team chat applications have infiltrated into every single aspect of our work lives. Many of us instant message our coworkers, assign new tasks, get updates, share files or screenshots and even give reminders – across a variety of different apps and windows. Evidently, there's a drastic rise of team chat applications especially ones that offer an alternative collaboration environment, (hint: Slack and Slack Alternatives) outside of the traditional IM chat windows or inboxes.

There are a hundred different ways to talk to your team — from email and traditional phone calls to video conferencing and DMs on social, even SMS can work sometimes. So why have team chats gained so much popularity? What has made them the de facto medium for day-to-day conversations in different kinds of teams? As a small business owner, if you are not yet convinced about team chat and its capabilities, these 3 reasons will help explain what makes it one of the most relevant tools in the collaboration toolkit today:

Because it’s the most efficient way to improve communication in your small business

Team chat helps improve business communicationsEmail is time consuming. People don’t realize how much time they spend over sending emails back and forth throughout the day. According to productivity experts, email encompasses ‘work about work’ rather than work itself. For knowledge workers, instant messaging helps in uninterrupted focus while getting important work done. It offers a single platform where you can chat with coworkers in real time as well as asynchronously. If used wisely, team chat creates a productive workspace, facilitates teamwork and helps cultivate a modern corporate culture. 

Because it offers a wide array of features

Team chat offers a wide array of messaging featuresIf you think team messaging is restrictive and only allows you to only send IMs (Instant Message), you are limiting the possibilities. You can use chat platforms for real-time collaboration, sharing important files/screenshots as well as managing projects from a single chat window. With the ability to have group chats, one-on-one chats, or escalate to audio calling and so forth, team messaging drives in best value for small businesses.

Because it empowers communications for distributed teams

Team chat empowers remote workingReal-time communication isn't always possible, especially when people work in different time zones or work remotely. Some of the best of team chat apps are built specifically to keep communications synchronized across distributed teams. With team chat, it’s easier to track conversations in real-time because each discussion is threaded and can be used later for reference. Even when you can't follow them in real time, team chat enables you to coordinate the efforts of fast-paced projects performed by distributed teams. By offering more flexibility to your mobile workforce, you enhance the overall connectivity, real-time information and collaboration of your enterprise. 

Today, as a SMB owner, if you want your teams to have conversations, exchange vital project data, share files & updates and create work collaboratively, you should embrace a complete team messaging solution that meets your internal communication needs.

Streamline team communications with Bria TeamsTransform your small business into a chat-powered workplace with Bria Teams! It offers powerful team messaging and calling features with tons of flexibility. From a 1:1 to group chats, you can converse with any of your team members instantly and add more team members as and when needed. Want more features? Pick your choice — access to message history, escalate conversations to a voice or video call, or share your screen with an easy click from the message window. Bria Teams unifies all your team communications on a single platform and helps streamline work to boost productivity. Get started with a free 30-day Bria Teams trial. 

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Written by Team CounterPath on February 21, 2019

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