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Check out the new codecs and dial plan features of Bria Teams

Bria Teams allows synchronized team communications

Bria Teams is now five months old! Thank you to all our loyal customers who make Bria Teams part of their daily lives. Part of being five months old is learning and improving regularly, and Bria Teams has been doing just that. Customers are continuously providing feedback and those suggestions are being incorporated as great new features and improvements to the Bria Teams experience. Earlier we rolled out the Insiders Program to allow trying some cutting edge new features like our hosted collaboration. Today we’re updating the Bria Teams web portal with some more features to make your calling experience more compatible with a broader set of SIP services. Check out some of these new features:

Dial plan rules and pattern matching

Long time SIP users will be familiar with dial plans. A feature in SIP PBX systems, dial plans allow your client to make modifications to the manually entered phone number before actually making the call. This feature is now part of Bria Teams and a part of your individual SIP Voice service configuration page on a separate tab.

make modifications to manually entered numbers

Currently the dial plan configuration is split between desktop and mobile configurations due to fundamental differences in how the clients operate. A future update will harmonize this configuration for dial plans. To learn more, read the documentation of how to use dial plans in the Bria Teams Admin Guides.

Codec configuration

Before this update, Bria Teams would setup a call with all available codecs and select the best quality codec between two parties. While this results in the best audio and video quality in ideal conditions, this can cause issues in special cases. Certain call servers may not accept calls with a large codec list and sometimes network conditions are inconsistent making larger bandwidth calls choppy. The latest update to Bria Teams now allows for configuring a fixed list of codecs between desktop and mobile clients.

Bria Teams now allows codecs configuration

Opening the Codec Settings page will now present three pages for configuring — desktop, mobile on Wi-Fi and mobile on cellular. By default a standard list will be selected for all three scenarios. An admin may choose to customize which codecs are used in each scenario to optimize the calling experience to their own specific needs. Dragging and dropping the codecs to reorder will also change the priority. To learn more, read the documentation of how to use codecs in the Bria Teams Admin Guides.

Self-signed TLS certificates

Bria Teams can now be more useful in setting up or testing calling environments with the addition of self-signed certificate support for secure calling. Administrators building out their own call service may now use a certificate that is self-signed before deploying an official certificate issued by a signing authority. To support this in Bria Teams, a new option is available in the Voice Configuration page. Administrators are free to enable this option at their own risk.

Voice Configuration- A new option now available in Bria Teams

We hope these new features will help make Bria Teams even more useful. As always, all customer feedback is much appreciated (comment on the blog below) and we will keep trying our best to help customers with their communication needs. 

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Written by John Chow on March 5, 2019

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