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Choose the right web conferencing tool for your small business

Web conferencing has replaced the traditional way of team interactions.An invaluable tool to conduct online meetings, web conferencing has replaced the traditional way of team interactions. It’s an empowering tool for small businesses as it enables employees to collaborate on-the-go or remote teams to join in from any part of the world.

A powerful web conferencing software can transform the way you run your meetings — allowing you to share your screen and meet with anyone using integrated audio and video. Small businesses who are looking at a host of services apart from running everyday team meetings, can use web conferencing to conduct a bunch of other activities from live web demos to online presentations to webinars and more.

While it’s an effective method for business communications, choosing the right tool can change the way your teams communicate and ultimately help boost productivity for your enterprise. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right web conferencing solution for your small business:

It should enable fast and simple web conferencing

web-conferencing-for-smbsBusiness web conferencing can help you save both — time and money. Hence some of the basic features and services that any business should look out for in their web conferencing solution include HD video and audio conferencing, screen and file sharing with standard security features that ensure sensitive business information isn’t leaked. While high quality video and audio features minimize distractions and offer a live-meeting experience, other features such as team chat keep participants engaged and connected. If you are running a small business and face budgetary restraints, it’s even more important that you choose one that unifies all the web conferencing features into one solution. 

Ensure it offers all the features

all-web-conerencing-featuresMeetings are not just limited to discussions. With web conferencing, you can also share important documents, links, or even send an instant message to your team members directly during your meeting. This is a must if you need to highlight certain points of your presentation or share some key statistics. Messaging facilitates group conversations and direct messaging helps collaborate faster.

Desktop sharing allows participants to see the presenter’s screen and evaluate or review everything displayed. File sharing is another benefit as it allows participants to discuss, edit and make revisions in real time simplifying document management. Team chat can help boost productivity as members get to openly discuss and control the flow of conversations. For businesses with flexible needs, all these features bundled up together to offer one great user experience can ultimately help boost team productivity.

Choose a flexible solution that comes integrated with a business phone system

business-phone-systemsWouldn’t it be great if you get to combine the advantages of a regular phone conversation with those of live video chat with your co-workers? Advanced tools that use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology allow presenters to use a separate phone line in case they wish to switch from their video meetings over to a call. Some of the latest video collaboration tools offer HD video and audio conferencing along with voice calling, screen sharing, team messaging and other features - all rolled into a neatly packaged team collaboration solution. This helps SMBs overcome their budgetary constraints and choose one comprehensive solution that meets all of their web conferencing needs. 

Finally, we communicate more effectively and build better relationships if we engage with the right tools. By choosing a feature-rich web conferencing software, you create huge opportunities for collaborative work and gain a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business environment.

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Written by Team CounterPath on June 14, 2019

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