Bria Teams is designed to be cross-platform compatible - Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. This enhances your team's mobility as you can work on any device and have all your communications synced and connected.

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Insider Program blogIt feels good to try something new (for free), doesn't it? A free dessert with your hamburger meal is always great. Or grazing the sampling tables at Costco. Experiencing complimentary business class upgrade on a flight while paying for coach feels awesome. Do you enjoy watching sneak previews of a movie before dishing out cash for the full feature film? A 'try before you buy' experience is an opportunity for companies to delight customers and give them advance access to new capabilities. The Bria Teams Insider program is the best of both, where you can try something new before others and can enjoy paid features, for a limited time, at no additional cost! 

Try the new Bria Teams featuresThe Bria Teams Insider Program allows teams to try new upcoming features before they become available for everyone. Some of these features will be paid add-ons when generally available, but while they are in the Insider Program they are free to use. As an added bonus, the Insider Program is also available to both trial and paid subscriptions. 

Here's how you can unlock the Insider features:

  1. Sign into your Bria Teams administration portal.
  2. Click your user tab on the top right-hand corner.
  3. Toggle Insider Program to "Enabled". 

Unlock the new Bria Teams features by joining the Insider ProgramWhen a Bria Teams admin enables the Insider Program from their profile page, Bria Teams will enable new features in applicable clients for the whole team. Team members will have to log out and log back in to enable the new features. These features are production ready and should not have any negative effect on your team’s softphone usage, however at any time the admin can disable the Insider Profile and remove the new features.

At this time, we have two new features currently on the Insider Program available to try. First we have Google account integration for contacts on desktop clients. In the Bria Teams client, a Google account may be added in the account list. This will bring up a browser window prompting for the user to login with their Google account credentials to give the Bria Teams client permission to access their contacts. 

Google account menu

At first Google contact groups will show up in the clients, and within a minute the groups will populate with contacts. Try out this cool new feature with Insiders! Coming soon — the Google account contacts as a standard feature.

Teams with Google accounts

The second new feature on Insiders is Bria Teams hosted Collaboration. Enabling the Insiders Program will now add a collaboration button on desktop clients, and menu option on mobile clients. This exciting new feature gives your team members each their own virtual meeting room in which they can invite both internal team members and external participants via public web URL. With hosted collaboration, Bria Teams ties together group voice, video, text chat, and screen sharing with presenter passing in one window. Participants are not required to download a Bria Teams client as they can simply join from any supported web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari recommended). Hosted Collaboration will be released as a paid subscription feature of Bria Teams at the end of the Insider Program but continue to be available to users for free during initial 30-day trial. A complete collaboration user guide is available here.Collaborate using Bria Teams

The Insider Program is your Bria Teams “Golden Ticket” to new softphone features and experiences. Try it now for free!

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Written by John Chow on February 7, 2019

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