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How to choose an online meeting tool that's best for your team

When meetings don't work out, it causes inefficiencies.Imagine you are in a meeting where nothing is working out the way you want it to. Either your team members look bored or they are distracted or (and this is the worst one of them all), you have put serious thought into making your presentation but fumbling through the live one. Well, who hasn’t experienced meeting nightmares! When it comes to running successful meetings, most of the problems seem to be human problems (lack of skills, poor habits, boredom, etc.) but that’s not entirely true. Especially if your business supports a remote working culture.

With online meetings, you might face a different set of challenges. And it requires a whole new strategy to conduct these meetings efficiently and effectively. From choosing the right equipment to having an IT-approved one so that it’s easy to implement as well as manage or use a single tool one that supports the unique needs of every team — evaluating the right business team meeting tool requires careful consideration.

Depending on the type of meeting you want to run, you might need to match it to the right software or meeting tool that helps you make it a great one. Here’s a suggested checklist to help you tick off the items if you want to invest in a tool that helps you achieve your business goals:

Easy-to-use and manage

Choose an online meeting solution that's right for your teamAn online meeting solution that takes away the pain of technical glitches, background distractions and uninterrupted calling can help you increase meeting productivity. Choose a meeting tool that offers a bunch of rich host features such as a user-management portal where you can view and manage participant capabilities, assign presenter control or have room-wide muting. Instead of having multiple tools to achieve the desired meeting result, unify your business communications with an integrated solution that offers audio and video conferencing, in-room messaging, screen sharing and run your online meetings from one convenient dashboard.

Integration with existing infrastructure

Your meeting tool should integrate with other collaboration tools.Corporate software purchases have essentially been IT-centric. By opting for a tool that integrates with your existing technology, you minimize the stress on your IT department.

Tools that support your corporate plan for digital transformation while offering superior interoperability with existing PBX, VoIP and cloud infrastructure can enhance team collaboration without the hassles of a complete overhaul. And moreover, it’s cost-effective too. 

Resources and Support for Easy Onboarding

For tools to work, you need the right tech support.Imagine this. You have deployed the latest of meeting tools. And you are all set to start your first online meeting. But your team members have issues logging in or navigating around its features. If a meeting tool is too complicated, your team members might get more and more hesitant about using it. Consider using training resources and technical support during the setup so that the onboarding is quick and easy. Remember if you are thorough with the onboarding process, your meetings will be more productive than ever!  

Reliability and Security

Ensure your meeting data stays secureSome meetings are governed by rigid laws and protocols (eg. board meetings) and you need a tool that allows you to keep sensitive information secure and review or document the meeting material. Ensure that your online meeting tool offers the optional ability to require a PIN to access sessions and comes with additional features such as 'record meetings' — with secure recording capabilities for audio and video feeds. 

Must match with your SMB’s needs

Choose an online meeting tool that suits your small business needsNot every meeting tool can suit your business requirements. It’s important to pick the right system for your meeting’s audience, hence choose a solution that covers all the aspects –  technical, communication-based or as per the group size. Evaluate some of the common feature sets of different online meetings tools and handpick those which can help you achieve your meeting goals faster. No matter which solution you choose in the end, it should have all the necessary features to deliver on your SMB’s requirements. For more tips, check out this how-to guide to run your online meetings more effectively. 

Choose Bria Teams Pro for running efficient online meetingsBria Teams Pro checks the boxes on all of the five fronts mentioned above. One of the most versatile and feature-rich online meeting tools, Bria Teams Pro offers SMBs a cost-efficient way to host audio and video conference calls with up to 200 participants at a time. It seamlessly integrates a dedicated virtual meeting room with secure HD audio and video conferencing, messaging and screen sharing within the Bria Teams softphone experience for desktop and mobile applications. What differentiates Bria Teams Pro from other online meeting tools is its advanced team voice features, which enable you to make high-definition voice and video calls with your team anywhere, anytime. 

With easy-to-use features and administrator tools, Bria Teams Pro enables SMBs to utilize enterprise-grade collaboration tools with superior interoperability with existing PBX, VoIP and cloud infrastructure. Its subscription model pricing allows you to scale the solution as per your business needs. By signing up for a free 30-day trial, you can start conducting your online meetings right away. Get the Bria Teams Pro online meeting experience and empower your teams to collaborate from anywhere: 

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Written by Team CounterPath on July 3, 2019

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