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New Year Resolutions For Your Small Business in 2019

Get ready to make a New Year Resolutions list2018 is almost over and you might be all set to make the ‘Resolutions 2019’ list. Join the local gym, eat healthier or spend less time online – these resolutions are great for your personal growth. But how about setting some important goals for your business too?  

Here are three New Year's resolutions that can help you drive business efficiency in 2019:

1. Streamline your team’s communicationsStreamline team communications with Bria Teams

Modern business communications have grown more agile and surpassed geographical limitations. Use of collaboration tools continues to grow in companies with multiple teams of coworkers communicating via meetings, email, conference calls and instant messaging − often across several time zones. In 2019, your enterprise should opt for a unified communications solution that enables your employees to share information across devices − from mobiles to laptops to their desktops. By transitioning over to a cloud-based collaborative technology (or even to the best of Slack Alternatives), you will not only enable your team to streamline their communications, but it will also help them become more flexible and productive.  

2. Leverage cloud technology

Cloud technology has its benefitsCloud transition is no longer as difficult and complicated as it used to be. For small enterprises looking to connect multiple functions from sales to HR to accounts, the cloud offers seamless communication across devices and reduces the friction of working in silos. Commit your business to a single unified cloud communication adoption in 2019 and it can help you modernize team collaboration while supporting mobility. Even your IT managers will heave a sigh of relief, as a cloud-based platform will enable faster innovation, scalability, increased operational agility and greater cost efficiency for your small business.

3. Support a mobile workforce

Make your workforce mobileIt’s no secret that mobile has become the backbone of modern collaboration strategy. By empowering teams with the best applications to use on mobile devices, you enable digital workers to work more productively. For global, digital workers to work efficiently from anywhere and at any time, you need to ensure that features like file-sharing, video calling and internal chat functions are accessible on mobile devices. Set a resolution in 2019 to make the shift towards a mobile-first workstream collaboration solution. Mobile communications enabled through a collaborative BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment can help you support your remote workforce too. 

New Year is hereNew year means a fresh start. Hopefully these resolutions can empower your company to enhance its collaboration levels in the new year. Here's to your team embracing the digital evolution and becoming a part of the current digital workforce in 2019!

For any type of team looking to streamline communications, Bria Teams offers team voice and video calling, messaging, presence and screen sharing and tons of other features. It integrates with any existing IT infrastructure, overlaying calling platforms/PBXs or integrating with VoIP services, enabling users to take their business number with them as their single identity, making it one of the best-in-practice mobility solutions. With Bria Teams, you can ensure that collaboration and productivity remain top priorities for you in 2019.  

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Written by Team CounterPath on December 20, 2018

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