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Simple Productivity Tips To Organize Your Work Life

Simple productivity tips for SMBsThe start of a new year is an excellent time to review your business goals and aspirations. As you plan for the future, you can make necessary adjustments from the learnings of the past and bring in a fresh look at your operation this year.

Aiming to be more organized at work? Want your employees to be more productive and efficient?  Or looking to keep those finances up to date? Regardless of what you want to accomplish for your small business, in order to ensure smooth sailing throughout the year ahead, it’s imperative that you keep all components of your company organized for maximum efficiency. Below are five business habits you can start on right now that can help boost up your business efficiency in 2019:

Organize your business strategy

Business strategy for your SMBNo one knows the objectives for your business better than you. You know the big picture and can steer your company in the right direction. So why hesitate to outline a 2019 roadmap that sets business priorities? When you put your thoughts onto an actual plan, it will help you see your strategic objectives more clearly. And you never know, it may even help you identify different objectives that you may want to achieve during different stages of business development.

Have a tool box of analytical models ready at your disposal — such as SWOT or the PESTEL framework (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal opportunities and threats in the firm's environment). And choose one that works best for you and your business.

Automate and Delegate

Automate & delegate to drive efficiencyThe toughest and most critical lesson for any small business owner is — don’t try to do everything by yourself. By automating and systemizing many aspects of your life, you gain valuable freedom to focus on more productive, revenue-building activities. Leverage the power of technology and set up systems, machinery, methods or processes that can maximize your personal and business productivity. Ask these 2 questions repeatedly to yourself — Q1. Can this task be automated? Or if not — Q2. Can this task be delegated? Delegation helps declutter your schedule and cut down on your workload. It allows you to tackle new situations as they arise and manage internal operations, making your employees more autonomous and efficient over time.  

Streamline team communicationsThere are tons of options available for delegating different types of tasks — from Upwork, Help Tap to Fiverr, Guru or Task Rabbit, to name a few. And similarly, you have multiple options for automating different tasks to best fulfill your needs- from social media managers like Edgar, Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to Asana (task management), Pocket or even Mint for automatically tracking all your bank accounts. To choose the best of them, list down your to-do items to be delegated/automated and then find the right resources.

Streamline your team communications

Find right team communications tools When a group of talented individuals who have a diverse skill set work together on projects, team communications becomes critically important. Improving team collaboration and communication skills can be uphill task and the fastest way to do it is by streamlining your communications tools. If most of your team members are in different time zones, investing in technology that makes communication easier can enhance productivity. The ability to chat in real-time, video call or conference increases efficiency and builds a platform for your employees to share ideas with each other comfortably.

Use Bria Teams for enhancing team communicationsLooking for secure, easy-to-use team communication tools? Or searching for Slack alternatives? Check out one of the best mobility solutions- Bria Teams. By unifying all team communications in one place, Bria Teams breaks down those communication barriers and helps build a strong network between your employees. It offers team voice and video calling, messaging, presence and screen sharing, and tons of other features from the convenience of one single dashboard. Moreover, it can be integrated with any existing IT infrastructure, overlaying calling platforms/PBXs or with VoIP services, enabling your employees to take their business number with them as their single identity. Improve your business’ agility and facilitate collaboration in the new year with Bria Teams.

Manage your cash flows

Get your cash flows organizedWhen running your own business, it is easy to get caught up in different processes and forget about sending invoices or checking on overdue payments. Taking help of an online invoicing tool can help you keep track of your finances and manage your cash flows more efficiently. There are plenty of accounting platforms available that can provide both cash-flow data and forecasting. Tools like Float, QuickBooks or CrunchBoards allow you to track income and expenses, monitor your cash flow, generate reports as well as view your future bank balance. Cash flow management gives you more clarity about your business’ financial situation and assist you in your decision-making process.

Prioritize your goals

Set business goalsHow do you align your business priorities with your goals? Which tasks go first to establish an appropriate priority list? Most business owners overlook these important questions and hence face a tough time when it comes to achieving their overall mission. Once your business strategy is in place, ensure that you have set up a list of business goals. One of the easy ways to do this is to categorize your business goals in lists such as “financial”, “product development”, “expenses”, etc. By compartmentalizing them, you have a list of business priorities at your fingertips that you can always access, for the category you want to work on. Prioritizing your business goals requires some work, but it goes a long way in ensuring that you knock down those goals every quarter and keeps your business on track.Have an organized business in 2019Know that an organized business is a productive business. If you want to spare yourself the fatigue from various process-based decisions, it’s time you get your business and work space organized.

Remember: the more organized you stay throughout the year, the more efficient your business will be by next year. And needless to say, it will also help you cut back on the tedious tasks that consume much of your time and mental energy. So, are you all set for a more productive 2019 with these time-saving tools for your small business?

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Written by Team CounterPath on January 8, 2019

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