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The Evolution of Video Conferencing

It wasn't too long ago when video conferencing was seen as a large investment that involved a highly technical and complex undertaking. Special rooms with dedicated lightning were required to set the wheels in motion and with very few players in the market, video conferencing presented several entry barriers.Video conferencing has evolved over the last yearsOver the last two or three years, however, the evolution of cloud technology has opened the market as more companies are able to offer video conferencing at a much more affordable price point and with considerably less investment required for equipment and facilities.

As such, the days when financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies were the only ones able to implement video conferencing are gone. The time for small and medium business to embrace video conferencing has come.

There is no longer a need for special technology, lighting, and acoustic wall treatment to successful utilize video conferencing. New technology allows almost any device to provide superb quality in terms of both image and audio, providing any user with the ability to participate wherever they are.In the past, video conferencing was predominantly used as a tool for internal communications due the closed nature of the applications that provided it.

Video conferencing makes meetings easierWith those entry barriers gone, companies of all sizes can now collaborate not only within their own teams but they can extend their video conferencing communication with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders much easier, effectively becoming a key component in the supply chain of communication.

The future is bright for video conferencing. The evolution of technology will continue to make adoption easier and cheaper across all industries and company sizes. The challenge will be finding new and creative ways to utilize the technology in order to make it even more useful and relevant in today’s communication marketplace.

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Written by Team CounterPath on September 20, 2018

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