Bria Teams is designed to be cross-platform compatible - Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. This enhances your team's mobility as you can work on any device and have all your communications synced and connected.

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The new Bria Teams Pro is here!

Introducing the all new Bria Teams ProWe are glad to announce the launch of Bria Teams Pro, a new addition to the Bria Teams family. This new offering adds a dedicated high-definition (HD) virtual meeting room for each user to facilitate voice and video conferencing for multiple participants. 

Now you can run online meetings efficiently with Bria Teams Pro, at a fraction of the cost of competitive offerings. Bria Teams Pro is a cloud-based service that seamlessly integrates a dedicated virtual meeting room with secure HD audio and video conferencing, in-room messaging and screen sharing, within the Bria Teams softphone experience for desktop and mobile users. With each user assigned a unique conference room, there is no need to pre-book a meeting space, eliminating the risk of overlapping sessions with other users. To enable users to communicate with people outside of their organization’s “team”, including customers, clients and colleagues, Bria Teams Pro allows participants to join via the Bria Teams application or web browser. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Bria Teams Pro offers dedicated virtual meeting roomAdditionally, Chat Rooms have also been introduced for all Bria Teams users -- both Standard and Pro -- to better streamline team conversations and track chat history across devices. Similar to Bria Teams Standard, the Pro offering includes Team Voice and Messaging services, as well as the ability to integrate with leading call server (PBX) or hosted VoIP services. The new meeting room feature of Bria Teams Pro will enable you to conduct efficient meetings and enable productive team collaboration on the go. Enterprises often juggled between multiple solutions and struggle to streamline their team communications across different platforms. With Bria Teams Pro, teams can stay in touch via phone, chat, screen share, and video conferencing all from the same application. 

This new virtual conference capability delivers a robust unified communications and collaboration solution that is easy to use and deploy for SMBs and teams within large enterprises. Bria Teams Pro is highly disruptive as it brings 1080p HD video collaboration, screen sharing, team messaging and voice all into a single offering that interoperates with your current voice service at an incredibly low price point. 

Bria Teams Pro meeting room features include:

  • Dedicated virtual meeting room with unique conference room ID for each user
  • HD audio and 1080p video conferencing for up to 200 participants
  • Simple click to start or join a multi-party voice or video conference call
  • The ability to manage video settings ‘on the fly’ – video layout, camera selection and video quality can be changed quickly during a live session
  • Instant screen share to all conference participants
  • Toggle button to lock or unlock conference sessions with a user designated PIN
  • Rich host features with the ability to view and manage participant capabilities such as assign video, presenter control, turn mic on/off, room-wide muting and unmuting, and lock participants from changing mute setting
  • Server-based HD audio and video recording with cloud storage support
  • Participant web client for audio, video and screen sharing

Tempted to get started right away? Bria Teams Pro is available for a FREE 30-day trial. Introductory pricing plans are available as monthly subscriptions for $14.95 USD per user or as annual subscriptions of $119.40 USD per user ($9.95 USD per user per month). To try Bria Teams Pro now:

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Written by Team CounterPath on March 12, 2019

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