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Top 3 Free Online Meeting Tools To Help Your Business

Online meetings tools have gained popularityOnline meetings have become the norm of the day. Not only do they allow today’s remote workers to collaborate from multiple locations, but they also give flexibility for on-site workers by making meetings more fluid and interactive.

If you have the proper online meeting tools, your team meetings can seem less of a hassle and more of a meaningful collaboration that helps get work done. From team messaging, to screen sharing or even sending across an important file amidst a live meeting, these meeting tools make it easy to collaborate with colleagues and run meetings efficiently.

An intuitive user interface can enable users to connect seamlessly. And with the feature-rich video conferencing setups powered by reasonably priced audiovisual products, your meetings can be more impactful. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? With the video collaboration market being flooded with some great choices, you might need to do some research before you deploy a free online meeting tool.

Check out these 3 online conference tools and pick the one that best suits your team:


Zoom offers video conferencing options

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One of the most popular choices out there, Zoom offers a wide range of video conferencing options. Be it web conferencing, webinar functionalities or live training, you can use Zoom for a variety of virtual meeting experiences. Its intuitive UI enables quick user adoption, offers high sound clarity (which is a must for online meetings) and its convenient chat box offers both - private as well as group discussion capabilities. Additionally, it also offers screen and file sharing, recording and calling for those looking out for those basic online meeting features.

For those looking out something unique, Zoom offers ‘Breakout Room.’ It allows you to split multiple users into separate breakout rooms, then re-group all participants back together in real time. A great feature for conducting interactive workshops, isn’t it? Their ‘Zoom Rooms’ platform offers a more enhanced and engaging experience with more advanced video conferencing features. In case you are looking for team calling within the app, Zoom allows users to transition a Zoom Phone call to a Zoom Meeting without requiring to hang up or dialling in.

Zoom’s basic package is free which includes hosting up to 100 participants, 1-1 and group meetings, unlimited meetings, HD video and audio, screen sharing, scheduled meetings, private and group chat, host controls. You need to upgrade to Pro, Business or Enterprise package for higher collaboration features, the price range is between $14 - 20 USD per month/per host.


GoToMeeting offers various video conferencing features

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GoToMeeting also offers some wonderful video conferencing features. From fundamental functionalities like VoIP and phone conferencing, screen sharing and texting, GoToMeeting provides you with 2 more options - GoToWebinar and GoToTraining for other conference environments. All of the 3 products come feature-packed with desktop and application sharing, one-click meetings, one-click recording, a dial-in option and a personal meeting room to speak of a few. You can start your online meetings from anywhere- email, Mac or Android devices or any instant messaging tools.

Although GoToMeeting is not free, it comes with a free 14-day trial for up to 50 attendees. After the trial if your team subscribes to the Pro or Plus plan, GoToMeeting has plans ranging from $14 to $47 USD per month where it offers support up to 250 conference participants, HD video with 25 webcams, ‘Meeting Lock’ to keep your meetings private and more.

Bria Teams Pro

Bria Teams Pro makes virtual meetings easyBria Teams Pro makes joining meetings effortless with its convenient, user-friendly functionalities. For SMBs trying to enhance the way they work, Bria Teams Pro offers some amazing features with crystal clear HD video and audio conferencing, rich host capabilities, robust chat, screen sharing and more. Worried about inviting participants outside your team? You can even host hassle-free meetings and conferences with participants outside of your “team” via its web browser.

For team managers concerned about overbooking a meeting room, Bria Teams Pro provides a devoted virtual meeting room with a unique room ID for each user so that you can host without any hassles. Easily start, stop or schedule a collaboration session in your meeting room or even escalate it to a call or chat without pin codes, meeting IDs or passwords. Now that’s a great online meeting tool to have for your team, isn’t it? 

Run efficient online meetingsThough many of the free online meeting tools offer similar features, you cannot ignore certain variations. Perhaps certain functionalities are best-suited to your team and would offer you more value for your investment. Our advice? Take that free trial and discover the perfect online meeting tool that meets your expectations.

With Bria Teams Pro, you can collaborate effectively to conduct numerous online activities like webinars, training, project support, or just to have a team huddle for fun. Moreover, you can also use it for team calling, which is one of its unique features unlike other online meeting tools. With additional features and call functions such as call mute, record, merge or hold, Bria Teams Pro also enables a seamless team calling experience. You can make calls outside your team by just adding your PBX, call server or voice service. You can add up to 5 accounts and make those team calls from wherever you are. 

Competitively priced at $9.95 USD per month/per user, Bria Teams Pro can be scaled to suit teams of any size. You can start right away with a free 30-day trial:

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Written by Team CounterPath on May 10, 2019

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