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Top 3 video conferencing solutions for your small business


Investing in a sophisticated modern, cloud-based video collaboration system can help you improve your small business productivity. How? Your employees get a chance to better connect and collaborate, to simplify their projects with their remote-working team mates while also jump in to meetings while being on-the-road. It does help when you can conduct your next strategy session meeting from the comfort of your phone.  

From simple, free web conferencing, chat and file/screen sharing to complex online communications, there are many tools out there in the market which can serve your business. If you are assessing evaluating your solution based on hardware considerations or installation costs, we reviewed a few. Check out the top 3 ones:


Improve the ease and quality of intelligent in-room video conferencing.

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The one unique thing that Highfive promises is that it does not need  any app downloads. You can join meetings directly from your web browser by just clicking the Highfive URL. It also offers domain-based security and meeting members need pin codes to be let in.

It boasts of a 4K HDR Dolby camera that captures attendees at their best, correcting angles and lighting. Its high-quality microphones cancel external sounds or background noises, ensure your huddle room conversations go smoothly. It offers unlimited concurrent meetings and web conferencing minutes, call recording as well as unlimited screen sharing without any meeting limits or usage fees.

Its simple meeting room packages with hardware and software for businesses start at $199 USD per month/per user and for single users at $9.99 USD per month/per user.

Bria Teams Pro

bria-teams-pro-virtual-meetingsBria Teams Pro provides businesses with a way to get teams collaborating on-the-go. It offers HD video and audio conferencing, where you can invite up to 200 participants without requiring any pin codes. It also offers an instant mobility solution for BYOD – users can download apps on their smartphones or tablets and join meetings straight away!

Additional features include screensharing, messaging, recording and more; which makes it easier your teams to collaborate and have more productive meetings. What distinguishes Bria Teams Pro from other free video conferencing tools is that it also overlays and integrates with calling servers (PBXs) and VoIP services, allowing you to take your business number with you and make calls to people outside of your team.

You can start right away with a free 30-day trial. Bria Teams Pro is competitively priced at $9.95 USD per month/per login and can be scaled to suit teams of any size.


Web Meeting

Web meeting enables to join your online meetings with easeImage Courtesy:

Web Meeting is another option to video conference from the convenience of your desktop. Web Meeting enables you to host a video or audio-only online meeting with high-speed screen sharing.

From click-to-show presentations to documents, web pages and even applications in real-time., Web Meeting allows you to play, record, pause and stop screen share or pass on the presenting control to another participant. It also offers 1-to-many screen sharing, integrated or stand-alone conference calling where Web Meeting participants can join in a conference call from  anywhere. And don’t just go by its name, as Web Meeting supports cross-browser video conferencing, wherein you can enter meetings through any device -  a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.

Web Meeting offers a free 14-day trial and pricing begins at $ 9.99 USD per month for up to 25 participants.  

run-efficient-online-meetingsIt goes without saying that you should pick up the right video conferencing tool that matches your needs. Simplify your business collaboration by empowering your team with modern meeting tools. Choose from the array of these awesome in-room meeting tools and get the best virtual meeting experience possible.

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Written by Team CounterPath on June 3, 2019

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