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Top Benefits of Using a Softphone

Softphone applications are commonly used nowadaysSoftphone applications have grown common in the workplace. From third-party solutions, they have evolved as integrated first party apps from VoIP providers. They offer several advantages for customers from geographic flexibility with video and messaging capabilities to contact integration, employee presence and other such features that bolster team productivity.

But what exactly is a softphone? To put it simply, a softphone:

  • is a piece of software which provides the capabilities of a business phone
  • mimics desk phones by presenting a phone interface on the computer
  • offers different calling features, right from a dialpad to call handling such as Mute, Hold, and Transfer
  • is more powerful than a desk phone with its additional features of video calling and conferencing, chat and SMS capabilities, screen and file sharing and much more

With a softphone, organizations can also take advantage of decreased licensing fees costs, easier contact importation and seamless integration with localized features. Let's check out some of its key benefits:

 1. Empowers your mobile workforce

 Empowers your mobile workforceChances are all your employees have smartphones. In fact, many companies spend time and resources monitoring the use of smartphones in the workplace. Some see smartphones as a nuisance. But you can actually harness its power to use it to your advantage for your workforce. How? It’s all about empowering your employees’ smartphones to boost productivity. Employees are more productive when they have access to their phones in the workplace. A smartphone enables your staff to always be within reach, even when they aren’t in the office. By installing a softphone with the appropriate features, employees become more productive both in and outside of the office.


A softphone empowers your staff to achieve the connectivity and productivity they need. Whether they are halfway across the world, visiting a customer’s site or even out playing golf with a prospect, your staff stays connected and productive. By enabling them with powerful video conferencing tools to host collaborative online meetings, webinars or training sessions, you give your employees more dynamic ways to communicate.

 2. Enables Resource Efficiency

Resource efficiency driven by softphones

Deploying softphones means saying goodbye to the age-old hardware clutter- wires, power cords and plugs. When business workstations are using 2-3 monitors nowadays and are running more and bigger applications, do we need the clunky desk phones too? By migrating to cloud communications, you can leverage the power of Unified Communications (UC) without having to install new phones or getting involved in the hassles of a major IT upgrade. Imagine powering up your laptop in a hotel room and getting an instant access to all your office communication tools. Or enabling your sales team to start making their calls by just adding an app on their existing smartphones. Without needing any additional space or equipment, softphones allow you to set up a business line with a click.

 3. Enhances collaboration and boosts productivity

IT department faces multitude of challenges

IT departments are battling some of the biggest challenges presented by a largely mobile and remote workforce. How do they unify disparate systems which cause lack of communication and provide scalable communication systems that allow team collaboration?  

Softphones enable employees to access all the communications channels in one place: phone calls, messaging, video chat and web conferencing. Rather than relying on a stack of third-party communication apps, you can streamline your team's communications, with one phone number, one user account and one identity. This makes it easier for your employees to use the rich tools and functions to work more closely with their team members as they collaborate on projects, company-wide calls, conduct efficient meetings or even brainstorming sessions.


Since softphone unifies all your team communications tools and apps, it eliminates duplication, facilitates collaboration, improves productivity (and therefore ROI). From delivering an enriched user experience, making Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management simple and easy, to improving business agility — the list of softphone benefits is endless...briateams-allows-synchronized-team-communications

Future-proof your business communications with Bria Teams — a versatile and technologically advanced softphone that lets you take your office communications with you wherever you go. Based on SIP and Open Standards, it can become an extension to your company’s PBX and features a multitude of communication options. It is designed to make communication seamless and efficient with high quality, secure voice and video calling, private and group chat, real-time screen sharing for better collaboration, smart presence management and many other features. Click on the button below to get started with a free 30-day trial:

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Written by Team CounterPath on December 12, 2018

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