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Your How-To Guide to Effectively Lead Virtual Team Meetings

Virtual meetings are a robust communications toolA great resource for building your small business, virtual meetings can really help boost productivity and employee flexibility while reducing travel costs and times. However, the essential foundation of any good team meeting is applicable to virtual meetings too – you establish some ground rules, encourage everyone to follow the agenda and ensure that your team attains meeting goals. But virtual team managers also need to go that extra mile to explore the full benefits of virtual meetings as there are certain challenges involved as compared to in-person meetings. From different time zones to overcoming technological and cultural barriers, they also need more time to build trust, monitor and manage their teams.

Looking to get the most out of your virtual teams? Consider following these best practices:

Start by creating effective virtual teams

Create effective virtual teamsFor all you virtual team leaders out there, start by developing a healthy relationship with your team. Though it may take some time, make it a habit that you get your team together every week on a video or voice call. This helps everyone to get to know each other, foster trust and build shared team goals. Apart from just exchanging work updates, reconnecting with your team regularly fosters virtual team building and also sets a pace for the upcoming team meetings. 

Put tasks, processes and agendas in place

Ensure proper meeting agendas are in placeHow can you achieve positive collaboration if you don’t have an effective process or strategy for it? The key to any successful meeting is planning and overcoming impromptu hurdles. Anything can happen during a virtual meeting- you may face technical difficulties or lose a participant to a poor connection. Hence, it’s equally important that before you kickstart a video conferencing session, you establish a consistent and common code to conduct seamless virtual meetings.

By leveraging unified communication (UC) and softphone technology, you can manage projects and align tasks more effectively. Ensure that the entire team understands their deliverables and where their job fits into the workflow. Video conferencing tools also enable you to share files which can in turn help you to delegate tasks while keeping a tab on due dates. It also allows team members to easily communicate on their progress and next steps, whether it’s providing data or passing along a document for review.

Encourage team chats

Team chats enable collaborationTeam chat is considered a vital tool for streamlining online group conversations. Everyone uses a messaging app these days. Just the fact that your team gets to connect with other regularly on a common workspace platform encourages collaboration, doesn’t it? By supporting public chat and inviting participants to join chatrooms, you are enhancing communications and boosting productivity.

Send an early instant message (IM) before your next meeting and inform them of meetings items, ensure everyone’s participation and even share resources or links for making the most out of your meetings. 

Make virtual interactions a daily communication method

Ensure daily virtual communicationsGood teams weren’t built in a day. It takes a lot of effort and time to manage relationships and improve team-building in a virtual environment. Interacting daily through various tools – from IM to voice and video calling helps you to get your teams involved early in the processes and thus improves efficiencies. Keep your virtual team motivated with these different tools and it will gradually result in seamless and effective virtual meetings.

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Written by Team CounterPath on April 25, 2019

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