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Customer Story - The Status Bureau

Bria Teams streamlines communication and reduces operating expenses for a digital marketing agency

See how Bria Teams helped streamline communications and reduce operating expenses for a digital marketing agency with multiple offices in Canada.

While looking to reduce their number of team communication tools (spoiler alert: it was more than 5!) and provide a better, easier way for colleagues to get in touch, Co-founder Josh Loewen of The Status Bureau, quickly learned that Bria Teams was the perfect solution for his company. By using Bria Teams, their team was able to connect and solve business problems faster, have ad hoc meetings with ease, and reduce the number of communication tools they were using to streamline all business communications within Bria. Plus, with easy to use team management tools, Josh was able to set up his team and get them talking in a matter of minutes!

Looking to consolidate your business’ communication and collaboration tools? Save money? Or just get your team to stop “slacking” off? Test drive the full features of Bria Teams for 30 days with up to 10 team members for FREE and see what a truly collaborative communication solution can do for your business.


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