Streamlined team communications

Getting in touch can be as easy as a click. See what your team is up to at a glance, send a quick message, and escalate to a call if necessary. Bria Teams offers all the tools you need for modern business communications in one place.

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All the tools you need in one interface, across your devices

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Send secure messages that get to the point (and the right person) without worrying about channels or tags.

HD Calling

Make high-definition voice and video calls with your team with superior call quality. 



File Sharing

Drag-and-drop or attach PDFs, images, videos, and other files into message to instantly share with your team.

Screen sharing

Show and tell to get your team on the same page and make decisions faster.
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See who's online and who's available to get in touch efficiently and effectively.

Any Device

Activate Bria Teams on up to 3 devices - supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Real-time team messaging

Easily expand and escalate conversations

Start a public or private Chat Room in an instant and invite more team members as needed. You can also see Chat Rooms and chat history across all of your devices.

Need to explain things further? Quickly escalate a 1:1 chat to a voice or video call, or screen share with a simple click from the message window.

Never miss another message

All of your messages and message history are synched across devices so you can keep track of conversations while on the go.

Can't recall a chat outcome or action item? Find it quickly with the Search Messages feature.


Now you're talking!

Team calling with tons of features - and flexibility

HD audio and video calling is included to get your team talking - instantly.  Bria Teams also includes additional features and call functions your team can take advantage of, like call mute, record, merge, and hold.

Need to make calls outside your team? Simply add your PBX, call server or voice service. Bria Teams is highly interoperable with market leading voice services and providers, with the ability to add up to 5 accounts.

Meet face-to-face

Cut travel costs and meet face-to-face, virtually from anywhere.  With outstanding HD 1080p quality video on desktop and 720p on mobile,  you can talk to your team like you're in the same room, even when you’re miles apart.


Increase team productivity

Visually engage your audience

Instantly share your desktop screen with anyone without requiring additional downloads or plug-ins.

Avoid phone tag

Bria Teams displays when someone is "Available", "On the phone", or just sitting "Idle" so you can decide on the right time to get in touch.


NEW! Virtual meeting rooms for up to 200 participants

Bria Teams Pro offers a secure, dedicated meeting room for HD video and audio conferencing, and screen sharing, on top of standard Bria Teams features.


Stay connected across your devices

Bria Teams is available for Windows and Mac desktop and iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
With 3 app downloads per user, take your communications from the office to anywhere.

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